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Introduction to Smart Spaces

Bits are the first of a series of Conditional Analytics IoT devices. A single bit takes in information from its surroundings, and allows you to create connections to 3rd party smart home services. Its primary purpose is to act as a bridge between those services and the user as well as extending the functionality of everyday objects. Anything can become an IoT device by simply attaching a Bit to it.


Your Smart Home is not that Smart!

Think about it: If your smart home can only DO the things you ask it to do, does that make it smart?

Thats what we do, we extend the features of your smart home to get real values coming in, to give you a more personalized experience

How It Works

Setting up your smart space has never been easier. Easily connect to your network and to your other devices

Choose What it Does

Pick what you want the sensor to read from a variety of pre-made modules in the Bit-Link app. Group your sensors to cover a full area or use them individually

Set a Trigger

Be notified when an event occurs frequently, or when a certain threshold is exceeded. Virtually Anything can be considered an actionable object

Analyze and Build

Choose the type of action to be performed when triggered. Keep a running count, perform a smart home action, or a cloud based action automatically. Use the data collected as insight to your habits and the activity in your Smart Spaces

Key Features

We provide a robust back end solution for empowering all of your devices. Our open source platform allows anyone to build a network of devices to build a truly smart building

Easy Setup

3 step process to get setup and connected on your network

Machine Learning

Powerful back end engine that suggests actions based on behavior

Affordable Connectivity

Connecting your devices has never been easier and cheaper

Multiple Integrations

Connect devices to your existing smart devices for better functionality

Custom Functions

Build your own modules to create actions with your sensors

Clustered Feedback

Combine sensors to get grouped data and use comparative analytics


iOS, Android compatible, and an Open API for community contributions

Long Lasting Battery

Up to 4 months without changing the coin cell LiPo battery

Robust Sleek Hardware

Connect anything to the internet. Our devices provide the versatility to interface with virtually any actionable object and have full control over your smart home. Ultra low power, battery operated devices that will run for up to 6 months on a single coin cell battery with built in charge level monitoring.


Asset Tracking

Use the App to track the locations your Bit has traveled within network boundaries and outdoor bluetooth range

Temperature Sensor

Track temperature fluctuations over time graphically, and geographically to create a heatmap of your spaces in realtime

Ambient Light Sensor

Monitor and track the amount of light measured

Do Labs

Motion Detection

MEMS motion detector tracks movement occuring in a room, passerby counter, or just general activity in a room

MEMS Sound Detection

Measures fluctuations of sound in your space. use it as a security device or an activator

Programmable Button

Use the button on board to complete a function

Powerful Cloud Network

Our software allows complete creativity and endless possibilities on how you use the product. Developing your IoT solution to connect all of your smart home things has never been made easier. No Coding required… unless you really want to. In which case this next part is for you. Hackers: Accelerate your product growth, whether simple or large scale, by developing on our open API and manage your deployments through the cloud. Connect to top existing services leveraging our compatible IoT partners.


Take it anywhere you go Connect with your mobile device anywhere you go. Place it on any surface and utilize the sensors to create a personal IoT experience.

Build a sensor network Utilize the ease of connectivity to turn any device into a smart device. Attach it to a stationary appliance and utilize the vibration sensor to give you an alert when an event has occured

Creative uses Useful applications and alerts that an be used anywhere within reach of a network or your mobile device. Setup your own custom alert to be notified when the mail has arrived

Off Network Notifications Easily setup your own notification method, wheter you're connected to your network or not. Setup your phone number to be alerted when an event has occured within your network. Great for extending your security system, and knowing when the kids are having too much when you're not home.